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McKinney & McKinney Inc

Discounts for purchase of vDrive®, DeltaForce®, SpeedTube® between June 1, 2021 - September 30, 2021 Products must be registered by October 31, 2021 or within 30 days of product shipment.

▄ $200 per row for three products (vDrive®, DeltaForce®, SpeedTube ®)

▄$150 per row for two products (vDrive®, DeltaForce®, and/or SpeedTube ®)

▄$50 per row for one product (vDrive®, DeltaForce®, or SpeedTube ®)

Must be a purchase or at least six rows of qualifying product.

Products that need to be registered are (Power Distribution Module, Lift Manifold, SpeedTube Module)

Contact us as soon as possible if interested in ordering, supply chain is still up and down.